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[Powderworks] SF Fillmore Poster NMOC

Peter Scott Poitras pete.poitras@the-spa.com
Tue, 9 Oct 2001 20:51:38 -0400

Hi all.

Not to flood the list with "Me too!" notes, but if anyone gets an extra
Fillmore poster, I have tons of singles to trade or boots to copy in trade
for one.  Need to add to my collection.  Even have an extra older Oils
Fillmore poster that I could probably trade for one of the new ones, if
anyone's interested.

Keep those gig reports coming, always nice to hear numerous takes on the
same show...


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I second that - can someone pick me up a Fillmore poster?  I'll buy it off
you or trade Oils stuff - _Best of the B-Sides_ CD, or CD singles, or some
other stuff.  I can send a more detailed list.  Let me know please.  Thanks!

P.S. - Still looking for _Real Thing_ tour shirts & stuff (XL) if anyone can
part with that.


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Date : 04 October 2001 05:22:37
Subject : [Powderworks] SF Fillmore Poster  NMOC
I would like to ask any worker going to this gig to grab a Fillmore Poster
>after the show for me.
>The Fillmore historically makes a one off poster that is handed out outside
>after the show. These are usually a very unique design and done
>for that one event.
>I have one of these from the Breathe stop back in 95. The second poster I
>picked up was traded to none other than our list master “Mr Tim“ for a tape
>of the show.
>We can work out a deal I am sure.
>Rich KArakoudas
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