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[Powderworks] mark dodshon

Brigitte Mounier bmounier at videotron.ca
Sat Jan 22 08:41:45 MST 2005

With all due respect to Mr. Dodshon, I just thought the book was in serious
need of some editing. It's the most unstructured book I think I've ever
read. There seems to be no coherence or logic in the way the anecdotes are
thrown in, to the point where, although I'm very interested in the subject,
it becomes a bit annoying.  Still intesresting, don't get me wrong, but how
did an editor ever let that pass as it is, I wonder!

Humble opinion only, no flames required

> I just have finished the Oils book and, in my opinion, Mark Dodshon has done
> a really good job. In fact, for me, that reading means a “before and after
> point”.
> I love the Breathe album, but now I can´t listening their songs without
> thinking about the lack of motivation from Rob during that time.  Also has
> been a shock to know that Jim left the band twice. I agree with jim about
> the discussion around the Greatest Hits uselessness, but I can´t agree with
> him on the second time, the one about the Real Thing album. For me the
> acoustic version of Warakurna is simply perfect, emotional, passionate,
> vibrant.....and it´s good to have this song officially released.
> ...and has been very interesting to discover the Martin´s roles inside the
> band and the  Rob´s frustration about the Peter´s limitations as a vocalist.
> After reading the book I admire the Oils a lot more than before because
> their fragility as an artists and their humanity .
> Al
> “Who will march for peace, now that the last of the diggers has gone”
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