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[Powderworks] Oils DVD-R Givaway with restrictions (Or is it a vine?)

Chris Graham wcgraham at shaw.ca
Fri Jan 21 12:02:44 MST 2005

For those who may be unfamiliar:

Intimate and Interactive was a series that Canada's MuchMusic ran for a while, that was similar in concept to Unplugged, except that there was a question & answer period with the band.  I also think the audiences were smaller and the seating more informal.

This show is from 1993 from the Earth & Sun & Moon tour.  The band was travelling across the country with Canada's The Tragically Hip and others on the Another Roadside Attraction festival tour.

While the Oils didn't stray from 1988+ anthems on the tour, they did pull out some fantastic moments for the Intimate & Interactive show.

Though the material and instumentation are similar to the Oils' MTV Unplugged set, there are some tracks for which this set is superior IMHO.  Add to that a good amount of talk with the band, including audience questions, and you have a worthy addition to any collection.

This is the humble opinion of the guy who recorded the VHS tape that was used to make the DVD.  :-)  I hope the quality is alright; I never played the tape for years for fear of degrading it.


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Date: Friday, January 21, 2005 10:53 am
Subject: [Powderworks] Oils DVD-R Givaway with restrictions (Or is it a	vine?)

> Somewhere about this time I think the fans are heading home from 
> Manly,about to give us people who cannot be there a fantastic 
> description of
> the band we have not seen for over 2 years...
> In honor of this occasion - (and because I did not have the source
> material until this week); I have 3 DVD-R copies of Midnight Oil
> Intimate and Interactive that I will mail to three Powderworkers! The
> video is originally from a 10 year old VHS tape - I captured it and
> converted to DVD-R format (NTSC) I matintined the quality as best 
> as the
> source material and my system would allow. 
> To be eligible to get a copy of the DVD you must 
> 1) Have a DVD burner 
> 2) Be willing to send out a couple copies to other workers.
> 3) Allow me to post your e-mail for purposes of starting a vine. 
> How will selection be? HMM - TO be honest it might not be at all 
> fair- I
> am very likely to pick people whom I have interacted with before 
> and I
> think are likely to spread the discs quickly. But it is my 
> giveaway, so
> I can do what I want with it! But I still might make it random - so
> write and let me know if you are intereted.
> Michael
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