Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] waveaid - sporradic sales

RibMan ribman at manthey.com.au
Thu Jan 20 21:18:44 MST 2005

don't know if they are releasing little packets at a time or what ... 
first green appeared for a short while, i got one, then tried to buy 
nother for a friend and they wer all out ... then stands showed as 
available, and by the time i clicked through they showed as not 
available, so maybe they're releasing small sets at a time.
who know's if this is a different set of tix to the ones suppoosed to be 
released tomorrow. 
also i'm definitely now coming to sydney for both gigs as i managed to 
snare happy hour tix for flights to syndey. and some green section for 
waveaid.  arr syd-air fri 2pm dep sun noon. travelling with short nutty 
bald guy who will invariably wear a spy v spy tshirt and drink heavily. 
(he has no tix to waveaid yet, but will be at manly with me ... scary).
hope to see some of you there. esp some i've met before.