Midnight Oil

RE: [Powderworks] what´s an Oils show?

Aliester Crowley aliestercrowleyy at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 20 11:26:15 MST 2005

Hi all!!

I´m wondering how many powderworkers have never witnessed an Oils show??

...well, as Michael Lippold said “Nothing replaces the atmosphere BUT if you 
turn the volume knob to 11, put on three sweaters (or shirtless) and jump up 
and down like a lunatic (listening the Oils on the water cd!!)for a couple 
of hours (in a dark room), you can get pretty close”....

By the way, the Hirst & Greene first album (In the Stealth of Summer)will be 
in stores on March 7. (www.hirstandgreene.com)