Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] coming from NZ need help for Manly Gig...

thenewno2 . pisces_fish_97 at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 19 20:04:25 MST 2005

Hi im coming from NZ just to see the Oils at Waveaid, im only 23 and it will 
be my first time ever to see them because they never came to NZ in the last 
10 years or so..

am really looking forward to it but i just found out about the manly gig 
which has sold out..is there anyone that can help me out with a spare or 
extra ticket?! i am desperate! and i will pay of course..please let me know 
if you hear anything, i would love to see them at the club..

many thanks
pisces_fish_97 at hotmail.com

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