Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Some fun to fill the day...

jeffm at jeack.com.au jeffm at jeack.com.au
Mon Jan 17 22:23:52 MST 2005

that's site's a bucket of shyte!  i got 10/10 and if i didn't average 2 
seconds, i'll be a monkey's uncle.  instead, it said i averaged 107.1 


hey, did someone hear that midnight oil is playing?  it's just a rumour at  
the moment - i think a couple of people know.  keep it quiet and we all might 
get in... 

Quoting "Erika C.L. Cowan" <eclcowan at comcast.net>:

> So what's your best score? I suck & it took me an average of 7.3 seconds
> & it took Brian an average of 2.3 seconds. Not even close. :-)
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> http://www.scenta.co.uk/whatthatsong/default.asp?game=Midnight+Oil
> Not really a challenge in terms of naming the song, but fun to see how
> fast you can do it...
> jeff...