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sec: unclassified: [Powderworks] Hunters & Collectors

Peterson, Peter MR Peter.Peterson at defence.gov.au
Sun Jan 16 17:53:07 MST 2005

Jack Howard's playing around Melbourne a bit, releasing albums....saw him
once, not bad!  Don't know about the other members.

The Hunters playing there would indeed be icing on the cake!  I'm holding
out hope, the Finn Brothers might incorporate some sort of token Crowdies
reunion, it's probably quite likely since they do it fairly regularly.

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The WaveAid festival would be totally perfect with the Hunters & Collectors 
participation........it´s a pity...
....any news about some kind of Hunnas reunion??
...I suppose that Mark Seymour feels very comfortable developing his solo 
career......and what about the other hunters??

What´s a few men!