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[Powderworks] Wave Aid show -can't go, but...

Pew117 at aol.com Pew117 at aol.com
Sun Jan 16 11:23:28 MST 2005

Hi folks - I won't be able to make the show for a number of reasons (work,  
finances, blah blah) but does anyone know if Wave Aid will be broadcast on ABC  
radio or somewhere else over the Internet? 
Also, if one of you lucky folks who will be attending the show would be  
willing to get me a shirt from Wave Aid, I'll be happy to compensate  you for it - 
contact me off list. I'm guessing they will have some  printed up. 
Have a wonderful time...I'll be seeing the Finn Bros. in St. Louis on  2/18 
at least. Something to look forward to in the middle of a freezing  cold 
Also waiting for Spring Training...
Jennifer G.
Peoria, IL
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