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[Powderworks] powderworker-fest fri 28/1

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As we usually get there after work we normally have time for a few drinks
downstairs in the leagues club before the concert.  It means that we don't
have too far to go and can get upstairs to the auditorium quickly.

The only other nearby hotel is the Brookvale hotel which is about 800 metres
from the club.

The oils last performance at the club was sold out as well and we did not
have too much trouble getting a good spot not long before they came on. We
usually go up about half an hour before they are due to come on stage.  If
you want to get right up front then you would need to go up earlier.

The club is very mindful of its regulations under the fire act etc and would
not jeopardise its licence to over crowd the room.

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the lunch idea has been floated. i know i can't make it and i think
at least one more said he couldn't either.

so i propose a pre-show get together at some pub. doors open at 7:30
so let's say 5:30 onwards.

ross - you seem to know the area. can you suggest a place?

considering people can still buy tickets it looks like they are
trying to pack them in as much as possible. not sure what the queue
will be like but worst case we could rotate the person keeping the
spot and hope no one kicks up a stink when 57 of us turn up and jump
the q.

any takers


   How could people get so unkind?

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