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[Powderworks] Wave Aid - Warm-up Gig / Manly Warringah Leagues.

Marty Lawson martylawson at optushome.com.au
Thu Jan 13 16:30:39 MST 2005

Just saw the back page of the Manly Daily, and I'm about to fly out the

They are playing Fri 28th Jan at Manly Warringah Leagues..

See some of you there hopefully...


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I would bet that Dan is correct.  

At Earth Day, facing the possibility of 50,000 people immediately upon
hitting the states (turned out to be more like 100,000), the Oils scheduled
two warm-up gigs: One in a ski-area town in Vermont (just post-season), the
other for a public radio benefit that was so far Down East Maine that you
could go West and end up in Canada.

Think remote.

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They guys must be doing a warm-up gig before the show.
 They would be crazy not to wouldn't they?  Or maybe they would just invite
a few close Friends?

Dan Brunner
dmanwi at yahoo.com

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