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[Powderworks] RE: Unbearably tempted - But know better!

Rhonda kayak at sympatico.ca
Wed Jan 12 14:57:47 MST 2005

Now further revised to "Unbearably tempted, know better, but might say 
'what the hell' and do it anyway!"
'Cos that's the way I pretty much run the rest of my life: under the "it 
seemed like a good idea at the time" philosophy.

Emailed my boss today and said, "how dead would you kill me if I was on 
a plane to Sydney in 2 weeks??"  I think at first she thought I was 

As for the rest of the logistics, there's definitely no further 
impending children, and the ones I have restrict their belting out of 
Oils tunes to the car or the house.  As for the finances, I guess we 
could eliminate grocery shopping for the year and go back to 
college-days menu & live on spaghetti, soup, chips, and beer.  


mbtigger wrote:

>I currently have a home line of credit to help with some minor changes
>around the house (Meaning I have a higher load of debt than I have had
>in the last few years). My Wife is 7 1/2 months pregnant and likely to
>deliver early. The three year old is, of course, a three year old.
>(Which pretty much says it all don't you think?)
>I think it would be wise for me NOT to get on the plane and head down
>under. I suggest someone with a digital feed record this in Hi-Def for
>us folks who cannot be there!
>As for babysitting Rhonda's kids. Please rethink! My own child was
>singing the Oils, Bruce Cockburn, and U2 at the top of his lungs while I
>was grocery shopping with him the other day (and he was LOUD). Immagine
>how I could warp fresh minds with my AV collection and stash of strange
>board games....
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>  Went to work today and said, "so, who wants to watch my kids for a 
>week?" after spending a feverish evening researching airfares in all 
>different combinations of YYZ-SYD, ORD-SYD, YVR-SYD, etc.  I now wake 
>myself up at 3am yelling airport codes in my sleep.
>Trying to scramble together the logistics of a very long-shot trip is 
>quite the adrenalin rush, but will be 99.9% not possible....it's that 
>other .1% of possibility that keeps me going.  A mad dash to Oz for an 
>Oils reunion concert would really be something to grin about when I'm
>So....anybody wanna babysit?  ;-)
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