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[Powderworks] wave aid

Nathan Arrowsmith nathan at nathanarrowsmith.com
Wed Jan 12 07:29:27 MST 2005

Dave Weinert wrote:
> Hey Mates,
> Does anyone know if it will be broadcast live on TV or Radio??? or -  Is 
> anyone going to tape it???

Yeah who's got digital TV and a DVD recorder, I'll set up the tree...

> I would love to hear it and what a great show to add to a collection... 
> We were all taken by suprise the supposed *END* back in 2002 and what we 
> have now a chance to have is a copy of techincally the LAST show they 
> will have done. (who know's when Pete will get on stage again)
> Dave

This isn't the end, more like a new beginning. This gig will no doubt 
inspire a new album and tour. I bet they play at least one new song at 
Wave Aid. Pete had to give up to have a serious go at politics, but now 
he's in, he can do what he likes.


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