Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] the oils are back in town.... who is going?

Fredrik Olson pw at fredrikolson.net
Wed Jan 12 05:00:31 MST 2005

Well, temporarily living in Sydney, I am definitely going. Must say that it 
feels good to be here right now.
Do you think the tickets will sell out fast? Anyone used to Ticketek - 
what's the best way of being sure to get one? Internet booking or buying 
over desk?

Cheers, Fredrik

At 19:35 2005-01-12 +1100, Tribe Goddard wrote:
>I'm heading up. PM's 11 v Pakistan in Canberra on Tuesday, West Indies v 
>Australia in Adelaide on Wednesday and now my week has been made complete 
>Oils (and some superb SUPPORT acts) in Sydney on the Saturday. What a week.
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>>my calendar at work is booked 17/1 8:30-10:00 (will be busy buying
>>flights have been booked and purchased
>>i will be there
>>anyone else? nathan? jeff? justin? kristi?
>>we need to blow this one out of the water. it is a great cause and a
>>once in a lifetime opportunity.