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[Powderworks] Wave Aid

rick rickysan at speedlink.com.au
Wed Jan 12 02:15:43 MST 2005

                 While i'm certainly thrilled to see the oils back in 
business,i don't think it will compare to the last 3 times i saw them on 
their final tour at shelly workers,manly leagues and parra 
leagues....smallish intimate places....   being a tad claustrophobic, i'll 
be standing back at the point where the crowd starts to thin out a 
fraction...which means i'll need a step ladder and a telescope to see them 

                                i'm keeping my ears open to hear those magic 
3 words     SECRET WARMUP GIG......


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> http://premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/show.aspx?sh=WAVEAID05
> www.waveaid.com.au
> A collective featuring some of Australia's most popular contemporary
> musicians will perform at WAVEAID - a once in a generation event to 
> generate
> much needed funds for the millions of people whose lives have been
> irreversibly impacted by the recent Tsunami disaster in Asia.
> WAVEAID, a major concert event with over eight hours of music will be held
> at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Saturday January 29th from 2.00pm - 
> 10.30pm.
> Such an unprecedented event has sparked one of Australia's all time
> favourite live bands into action for the evening as MIDNIGHT OIL join in 
> to
> do their bit as part of this massive Australian music fundraiser. WAVEAID
> will also feature live sets by POWDERFINGER, whose performance will be on
> the back of a sold out Hordern Pavilion and the Sydney Big Day Out as well
> Australian performance in nearly two years SILVERCHAIR. The WAVEAID 
> concert
> will also premiere THE WRIGHTS (featuring members of Jet, The Living End,
> Grinspoon, Powderfinger, Spiderbait, You Am I & Dallas Crane) performing
> Stevie Wright's classic Australian hit Evie Parts I, II and III.
> Tickets are only $58.00 plus booking fee and will go on sale Monday 
> January
> 17th. Ticketek are donating back all profits from booking fees and 
> charges.
> To ensure that maximum money is raised, the event organisers are engaging
> suppliers to either work free of charge or at cost. All those including 
> the
> bands, managements, promoters and publicists involved in staging this 
> event
> are donating their time free of charge.
> The income expenditure analysis will be published straight after the 
> concert
> on the WAVEAID web site (www.waveaid.com.au), via a press release and in
> print media. The net proceeds from the event will be distributed to
> charity organizations.
> Of their involvement in this event, the following artist's said today,
> "We are highly motivated to join fellow Australian performers in what will
> be a momentous occasion. For this is clearly a time in history for 
> everyone
> to pitch in and help the people who are struggling to hold on to their 
> lives
> in the wake of such a shattering event. On such an occasion Midnight Oil
> hopes all fans will come out and make 'Waveaid' a huge fundraising 
> success."
> Peter Garrett - Midnight Oil
> "The tsunami is a disaster of a proportion that is hard for us to 
> comprehend
> in Australia. The devastation and loss of life is horrific. Lives have to 
> be
> pieced back together and a helping hand has to be out stretched 
> immediately.
> This is a time to come forth and help on whatever level you can. 'Waveaid'
> is our opportunity to stand and be counted and we implore you to make sure
> you're by our side January 29th." Bernard Fanning - Powderfinger
> "Obviously any person with a heart wants to do whatever they can right now
> to try and provide some help to all the people who are suffering. Everyone
> wants to do their little bit so the cricketers play cricket, the TV people
> do a TV show and the musicians play a gig. The fact that it's turned out 
> to
> be such a big gig just shows what an undeniable cause this is. It should 
> be
> a really memorable occasion." Daniel Johns - Silverchair
> "If we as musicians can help bring people together, this seems the very
> least we can do to help our fellow human beings affected by this 
> disaster."
> John Butler - The John Butler Trio
> We urge Sydneysiders to support this event and our fellow citizens of the
> world.
> Saturday January 29th - Sydney Cricket Ground
>>From 2.00pm - 10.30pm. Gates open at 12 midday.
> Tickets on sale Monday January 17, 9am
> No Age Restrictions - Photo ID required for Alcohol Consumption
> TICKETS AT A BARGAIN price of just $58.00 + booking fee
> Ticketek are donating back all profits from booking fees and charges.
> For travel packages click here or Tel: 1300 658 009
> www.waveaid.com.au
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