Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] RE: The Oil may burn again...

Chris Frost chris.frost at hibis.com.au
Mon Jan 10 14:51:27 MST 2005

How many think this will actually happen? I'd love for it to happen, but
can't see the Oils getting back together on such short notice. I would
assume Pete's new role would be the strongest "against" factor.

Do we have any inside info?


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Whoops, found it.  To any interested, here 'tis:


PS...wonder who'll be on bass???  ;-)

Dayne Dale wrote:

> Check out the last sentance in this article from abc.net.au. Please
> let it be true, and please let a final farewell tour follow...
> Another benefit concert is reportedly planned for January 29 and will
> feature Jet, Silverchair and the John Butler Trio and a reformed 
> Midnight Oil.