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[Powderworks] Administrivia -- "for reals" this time, the list must move.

Tim Hunter tim.hunter at eircom.net
Fri Jan 7 01:56:37 MST 2005

Hi folks.  Back in May I sent out the following request for comments.  The
general consensus was that people would prefer that the list remain on a
private server, and that was my preference too.

However, I looked about & talked to a friend who has one, and eventually
concluded that moving the list to a private server would cost real money.  And
that, while I do care about the list, I don't care enough to spend money on

So, now the University of Colorado CS department is Really Truly shutting down
the old list server.  I'm hoping that Google retains it's "minimally
offensive" corporate attitude & profile, and moving the list over to
powderworks at googlegroups.com (http://groups-beta.google.com/group/powderworks).

There are three ways to migrate you all -- one, I can ask you to just sign up
on your own.  Two, I can send you all invitations via the googlegroups.com
service.  Three, I can just add you to the new list.  I'm inclined to go with
the third option, and will on Sunday unless I get a lot of feedback saying I
should go with one of the other options.  With any of the options, you have to
set a googlegroups.com password to leave the list.  With the third option, you
don't need to set one to be added to the list.

Yours in continued Oily fandom,


PS: er.  Yes, I too notice that 'beta' is still in url there, even though I
    set up powderworks at googlegroups.com back in May...  I still think it's
    probably the least offensive free option.

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Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 12:38:36 -0600
From: Tim Hunter <tim at refuge.Colorado.EDU>
Subject: Administrivia -- the list must move, your opinions wanted.
To: Powderworks <powderworks at cs-lists.cs.colorado.edu>

This list has been in existence since sometime in the summer of 1990.
For all of that time it has been hosted by the good folks at the
University of Colorado at Boulder, my alma mater.  It's now been ten
years since I left, and due to cutbacks in the Computer Science
department, I've been asked to move this list (and
enya at cs-lists.cs.colorado.edu) off of their servers.

So we have a few choices.  The list can be moved to one of the
commercial mailing list providers (Yahoo!, Google, etc) that require
registration but will presumably attract more attention and provide
commercial-quality service; or we can put the list on a virtual system
rented by a friend of mine out of www.bytemark-hosting.co.uk.

It'll probably be another week before I go ahead and move the list.
The cs.colorado.edu folks will provide a forward for those still using
the old address.  In the meantime, please mail me (directly) with your
opinions.  I'll summarize next week.

Thank you.


PS: As Rhonda reminded you today, the current moderation-free address for
    the list is powderworks at cs-lists.cs.colorado.edu.  But please don't
    "test" this.  Content-free test messages drive me up the wall.

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