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Fwd: AW: [Powderworks] Unusual stuff in your collection

Dan Brunner dmanwi at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 6 08:00:13 MST 2005

I would say it would have to be a head injuries
t-shirt from bought on the BSM tour.  When I met Rob
he drew glasses on Pete's face on the t-shirt with
permanent marker.  Was he being funny?

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> Subject: AW: [Powderworks] Unusual stuff in your
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> Hum, I don't really go for memorabilia so I don't
> have any especially
> unusual stuff. But I guess the item I like best in
> my collection is the Blue
> Sky Mining LP-sized Promo-Box with a cassette, CD,
> "Q-magazine interview", a
> picture card and an issue of the "Oil Rag". I was
> pretty happy when I got my
> hands on that...
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> Betreff: [Powderworks] Unusual stuff in your
> collection
> Seeing that massive collection on ebay, I got to
> thinking:  What's the most
> unusual item in your Oils collection?  Mine is a
> Coogi sweater with "Sydney
> 2000" woven into the pattern.  I suppose it isn't
> *strictly* Oily, but I
> always think of it as a memento of their performance
> at the Olympics.
> Would love to get my hands on one of the board
> games! - Beth
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