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[Powderworks] Limbaugh using P&TP?!?

mbtigger mbtigger at charter.net
Sat Sep 4 18:45:02 MDT 2004

Don't You just Hate it when someone comes up with the exact thought you
were going to say, and gets in onto the list before you!

I may be wrong,  but I remember hearing about a sampling clause, that
allows someome to use a small snippet of song (I think it was under 7
seconds) with either no or a greatly reduced royalty. We just have to
make sure the record company is getting the full payment. It might also
open up a new group of Oils fans who like the music. Maybe it would help
us get those NTSC DVD's a little quicker! 


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A somewhat consoling thought, however: if Peter's getting any money out
of this, then one way to look at it is that Rush is contributing to
Peter's campaign fund. Hope it doesn't cut too deeply into Rush's drug
budget.-Bob H