Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Book Reports are Overdue...

Rhonda kayak at sympatico.ca
Tue Nov 9 22:07:14 MST 2004

<pissed off rant>

OK, six months ago the long-awaited Best of Both Worlds DVD was finally 
released, and there was precious little discussion of it on the list.  

Over a week ago, Mark's "Beds Are Burning" Oils book was released, - 
which I for one am DYING to read -  and there has been NO discussion 
whatsoever, despite my query of several days ago, to which there was no 

Seems everybody is too busy trying to score political points off each 
other just to prove their intellectual and/or moral superiority.  Good 
for you.

Yes, Bush won.  51% of the US is apparently happy, and 49% is not (and 
don't split hairs with me over the exact fucking percentage, either, I'm 
just making a point).  Most of the rest of the world is probably not 
happy and had no say in it.  But nevertheless we now have to live with 
it, so it's time to quit whingeing and work for change if change is what 
you want.

Yes, the Oils often carried a political message and "the music and 
politics of Midnight Oil" is apparently enshrined in the subject 
description of the list.  But they have said themselves that first and 
foremost it was about the MUSIC.

So how about some discussion of what they were *really* doing that 
unforgettable 25 years - that is, the music.  



P.S.  Flames will be returned with extra Tabasco sauce.

P.S.S.  Unlike some who wanna pack up their toys and go home when 
someone disagrees with them, I will not be quitting the list.  But 
recent posts are getting more and more distant from the original purpose 
of the forum, and frankly, it's fucking depressing.  Coming up on the 
2-year anniversary, I want to hear some Oils.