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[Powderworks] Lurking and Politics - NMOC

Jeff McLean jeffm at jeack.com.au
Sun Nov 7 22:51:16 MST 2004

nah - they're just anti-american.  oh, how i just LOVE that one...

Julian Shaw wrote:

>just curious - is it still common to label anyone who disagrees with the US
>Government as "communists"? Or was this a joke...?
>Julian Lewis Shaw
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>>Whey the h at ll would someone lurk on the Powderworks
>>list for years and not post anything suddenly decide
>>that some stupid political rant or tantrum WAS an
>>appropriate thing to post to the list?!?
>>That makes no sense to me at all.  I can understand
>>why the usual communists come out of the woodwork and
>>complain about the election.
>>I think it is more appropriate to post regarding
>>SPECIFIC issues that the Oils are "about" rather than
>>some broad political message.  Somethink like
>>anti-nuke or anti-war makes more sense than this side
>>or that side won.  The senate and congress in the US
>>have way more power in swaying policy in the US than
>>the President.
>>Dan Brunner
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