Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Reference???? Thanks

Todd Weber todddw_ at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 6 11:30:31 MST 2004

perfect, perfect.
Just what I wanted, it can be hard to expose yourself to any good low key 
material here in the states.  Radio plays what they want you to hear, 
everything sounds the same.  Not having a very big income can make it hard 
to put faith into a band you've never heard of, but apparently this New 
Model Army is a band worth checking out.  Appreciate all the 
recommendations.  Just want to experience as much as I can.  It sounds like 
a good album to start with is "Thunder and Consolation???"  I do have a 
certain appreciation for that raw debut sound, but I think the best way to 
get hooked into a band is to listen to some of their more polished material. 
Example: became hooked on midnight oil after hearing "Earth and Sun and 
Moon," but later came to even love their self titled album as well as "Place 
without a postcard."  Thanks for all the help, it's nice to not have to talk 
about elections like everyone else, not much people can do about it now.  
I'm also looking for some more Midnight Oil bootlegs if anyone is willing to 
trade, I've got a few but I'm looking for more.  If you want you can check 
out my list at: tapetrader.com/ToddDW  if you've never used this site before 
you might have to create a free account, definitely the way to go if you are 
ever interested in trading, you can find any band with ease.  Well thanks 
for all the suggestions.

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>Very true about NO REST but that track is from their very early punk roots 
>before Justin starting writing more political songs.
>Songs you should check out, White Coats (which is very relevant to the stem 
>cell hot topic), You Weren't There ( for all the damn media crap we put up 
>with, more political than the Oils really), Or Snelsmore Wood written about 
>the joy of political action. 51st State (of America) which is as political 
>as anything the Oils have ever written and another classic is The Charge ( 
>a song about cowardly leaders controlling a war from a safe distance).
>Interesting that although some of the most political songs, they also are 
>some of my favorites, although NMA doesn't have many weak tunes in their 
>whole arsenal. Starting with Ghost of Cain, every album since has been rock 
>They are the best still band still out there hands down.
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>Subject: Re: [Powderworks] Reference????
>>I bought a 3-pack of compilation CDs called "The Rock
>>Box." It's rather an eclectic collection.
>>The point of this post is that it contains a track by
>>New Model Army called "No Rest". Very political, but
>>it reminds me more of certain newer indie bands than
>>the Oils. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
>>The point is, though, that there are quite a number of
>>bands that have had political (in particular,
>>left-wing) viewpoints over the years, but very few, if
>>any, that sound anything like Midnight Oil.
>>That being said, it was good to finally hear some NMA,
>>having seen them mentioned on this list every now and
>>then over the past couple of years.
>>-Matthew Wightwick (delurking worker)
>>--- Stephan Jänsch <stephan.jaensch at gmx.net> wrote:
>>>Check out "New Model Army" from England if you don't
>>>already know them (most
>>>18-year-olds don't)!
>>>Their most famous song is "51st State" which is kind
>>>of a pendant to the Oils'
>>>"US Forces". They don't really sound similar
>>>(although they once had the same
>>>producer, Glyn Johns), they're more indie and more
>>>aggressive (at least their
>>>earlier stuff) but their message has a similar
>>>spirit as the Oils' and I know
>>>a lot of people who love both NMA and the Oils. As a
>>>start I'd recommend the
>>>"Thunder and Consolation" album. Enjoy!
>>>Am Donnerstag, 4. November 2004 21:29 schrieb Todd
>>> > I just joined the list, Absolutly love the Oils,
>>>they're brillant (don't
>>> > need to tell you that).  I'm only 18 and just got
>>>into them about 3 years
>>> > ago and wanted some suggestions for some other
>>>good bands with a slightly
>>> > similar sound/ lyrical content (if any exist).
>>>Being young and in America
>>> > Midnight Oil is not a band hardly anyone my age
>>>has heard of (yes it's
>>> > sad), and maybe if they started listening to more,
>>>it might boost our moral
>>> > from this rediculous election.  Please just let me
>>>know of some good bands
>>> > that I should look into.
>>> >
>>> > TDW
>>> >
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