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[Powderworks] Reference????

Jurriaan thunder7 at xs4all.nl
Sat Nov 6 01:48:48 MST 2004

From: Matthew Wightwick <madboy_92001 at yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sat, Nov 06, 2004 at 11:56:22AM +1100
> I bought a 3-pack of compilation CDs called "The Rock
> Box." It's rather an eclectic collection.
> The point of this post is that it contains a track by
> New Model Army called "No Rest". Very political, but
> it reminds me more of certain newer indie bands than
> the Oils. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
> The point is, though, that there are quite a number of
> bands that have had political (in particular,
> left-wing) viewpoints over the years, but very few, if
> any, that sound anything like Midnight Oil.
> That being said, it was good to finally hear some NMA,
> having seen them mentioned on this list every now and
> then over the past couple of years.
Their later cd's are both more mellow and more intense, in a strange
way. I would agree they don't have the beach-boy like choruses that the
oils can write like none other, but listening only to No Rest for the
Wicked is like forming an opinion on the oils based on one song from
Head Injuries.

As for melodic yet intense music with lyrics that pack a punch, you
could try the Oysterband, also from England. More folk than the oils,
but the earlier albums carried that typical Thatcher-inspired knowledge
that the world must change which seems strangely appriopriate now again

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Someone's gained
Us or was it them?
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