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[Powderworks] apologies, etc. (NMOC)

Bob Hampton comradehampton at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 5 14:51:30 MST 2004

Actually, it would make more sense for the "conservatives" to leave. There are ready-made theocracies waiting (e.g., Iran, Saudi Arabia), thus saving you the trouble of ignoring/amending our pesky old Constitution and Bill of Rights. Of course, the Cherokee strain in me keeps whispering: "why don't you ALL leave?"
As much as I'd like to oblige my friends on (or past) the right, I believe I'll just stay here & periodically irritate you. Besides, there's the entertainment factor to consider. As H.L. Mencken put it: "Q: Why do you stay in the USA? A: Why do men go to zoos?" 

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