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[Powderworks] Apologies

Erika C.L. Cowan eclcowan at comcast.net
Fri Nov 5 12:33:05 MST 2004

If it were anything but true, I wouldn't have used it....It's one of the
things that bugs me the most about Bush - his inability to see how the
rest of the world fits in with what he does. And he's not MY president.
I didn't vote his father, I didn't vote for him the first time he bought
his way in, and I sure as heck didn't vote for him this time. 

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Erika C.L. Cowan wrote:
> I thought I was voting for the leader of the free world

Sigh. And this is what bugs me the most[1]. The "leader of the free 
world" just got elected, and only people in the USA got to vote.

[1] You didn't bug me Erika, just the phrase you used to describe your 

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