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[Powderworks] Lurking and Politics - and is there a minimum posting required to not be a "lurker"

Scott Williams music at scottdulcimer.com
Fri Nov 5 12:07:08 MST 2004

right on, Erik.... THANK YOU for stating the obvious and also exactly how I feel about politics and Midnight Oil.  We had this same bitter argument on here after 9/11... and to separate politics and Midnight Oil is downright absurd.  ESPECIALLY environmental politics.  It is definitely not NMOC.  I was soooo hoping to crank and wake up my street with 'Say Your Prayers' and 'River Runs Red' and 'Antarctica' and 'Progress' and so many others at 2am the other night when I thought Kerry was going to take it....... keep the politics rant going.... the boys would be proud that their music sunk in with us and that we continue to discuss how it pertains to the World.

scott in san diego, cal.... just an 11-year Powderworker "lurking" but speaking up about the politics issue because that is the heart and passion of Midnight Oil, isn't it, folks?

> To say "it is more appropriate to post regarding SPECIFIC issues that the
> Oils are 'about' rather than
> some broad political message" seems a bit out of place. How could you say
> the election of the most anti environmental president in the history of 
> the
> US has nothing to do with what the oils believe in seems absurd. I seem to
> remember them playing an anti logging protest in BC - Bush is the
> unabashedly pro logging, cut it all, no tree left behind. I remember a
> protest concert against exxon in NYC - and Bush is unarguably tied to the
> oil industry. You can kiss the endangered species act good bye(yes it's a
> congressional act, but guess who enforces it), adios to civil liberties, 
> all
> environmental safeguards will be purely voluntary. If expressing my 
> opinion
> bothers you, and your goal is to censor the list of new people expressing
> opinions then just come out and say so.
> Erik
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