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[Powderworks] NMOC: A Bit of Inspiration From a Local Politician ...

Kate_Adams Kate_Adams at uml.edu
Fri Nov 5 08:20:20 MST 2004

Some words of wisdom from my friend Jim Marzilli, a state representative in
an adjoining district and generous trader of all plant life fit for
climate-appropriate landscaping (daylillies for baloon flowers - good
score!). Jim will be going to the UN next week for some climate change
negotiations - trying to accomplish at local levels what the national
government refuses to deal with. I couldn't help but sing the refrain from
Burnie as I was reading it.

Here you go (with local and personal stuff excised):

"I grieved yesterday morning. Yesterday afternoon, I went back to my life's
work. <snip local stuff>

I worked on getting progressive legislators and mayors from across the
country to attend the UN "Kyoto" climate change negotiations to give the
world an alternative to the Bush
administration's failed energy and environmental policies. I finished the
day by organizing a reception for Brazilian government officials who are
coming here to meet with local leaders in the climate change field.

Tomorrow is another day with more opportunities to change the world. I am
not naive about how tough the work is; I just know that we in
Massachusetts, the US, and across the world, can do better.

This is my state and I will not gently allow a smiling governor to slash
the services our kids, our parents, and the poor need while running the
ugliest legislative campaigns this state has seen.
This is my country and I insist that peace and justice be considered
"values" that are at least as important as gun ownership.
This is my world, too, and I will not turn my back on its inhabitants
through war, economic exploitation or environmental degradation.

I will not roll over and play dead because our president claimed victory. I
am not angry. I am motivated."

It's about time ... It's about space!
Kate Parker Adams
University of Massachusetts - Lowell
Department of Work Environment
Kitson 202A
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