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>Hey folks - I've primarily been a lurker and not a poster on the list for a
>few years. I feel obligated to send a message to the non americans on the
>list apologizing for my country, it's an embarassing time to be American.
>There are many great aspects of this country, and a lot of amazing people
>who worked like crazy to prevent Bush's election that I'm proud of, but
>today it's just embarassing to be a citizen of this country. Sorry for the
>doom and gloom, but it is what it is today.


You don't need to feel embarrassed. There are not many "Americans" who 
apologize for the past, present or future actions of the empire.

People on Earth had suffered many wars and maniacs, now will be facing 
four years of terrorism... who is the next? Iran, Libia, Cuba...? 100 
000 people death in the Iraq's invasion for oil, how many more?

...US Forces give the nod...


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