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[Powderworks] United States of Shame? NMOC

[name removed] damienwieland at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 4 13:25:54 MST 2004

Hey folks,

I just feel that people are ashamed that the humanist side of our
culture is slipping away and with that more than a fair amount of freedom 
I believe the freedom might not be lost in the democratic system
because in theory it is still there. Though it lost in that freedom
to obtain real knowledge in the mainstream and from there to be able
make the right choice with your democratic rights.
John Kerry may not have been the solution, though in a two party state
system he was the answer this time.

I fail to see that the coalition of the willing has liberated Iraq
in anyway what so ever. Lest we forget that it's mostly the same
administration beside Bush that were with Reagan. Who fully supported
Saddam's rise to power in the first place, who took Iraq off their
so called 'Terrorist List' in 1982 so they could sell him WMD's and
aid to dictate, the same administration who at the same time declared
Nelson Mandela the leader of one the worlds most dangerous terrorist
organisations while supporting apartheid in South Africa, the same
administration who in 1991 when it looked like the people of Iraq
had the ability to overthrow Saddam and therefore would do so
introduced sanctions to keep them under the iron fist of dictator rule,
He may not have been the administrations popular choice of dictator of
Iraq (because international opinion of Saddam was not high) though he
was their only choice till now. Notice how I left out all the millions of 
lives lost as a result of this US foreign policy, you be
the judge and hand down your verdict.

I never thought of myself as a 'pseudo-leftist politically-correct cyber 
circle jerk' though more of a pragmatist who still cares.