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[Powderworks] Apologies

Kate Parker Adams kate at dnki.net
Thu Nov 4 06:51:16 MST 2004

RE: [Powderworks] ApologiesI'd be LOL over the New Map of North America,
except that the residents of six houses of eight on my dead end street (plus
the families of several of my boys' friends) are openly contemplating a mass
emigration, most likely to NZ or a Canadian province that will honor the two
gay marriages involved.  We offer a good mix of artistic, medical, academic,
and computer professionals most countries would welcome.

Kind of reminds me of all the "Oregon" clubs that sprang up in the mid 19th
century to organize wagon train parties to the new territories.  The brain
drain from all this is going to be strong enough to give Uncle Sam a
powerful swirlie.  Flussssshhhhhhh.

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  The village idiots are running the show worldwide, it seems.  Last night
  Stewart (who hosts an acerbic late-night political humor show) said that
  US election results showed clearly that the stagnant economy and a
  undeclared and mishandled war seem to matter less to US citizens than the
  spectre of "two dudes kissing."  Here in my own home state we passed a
  constitutional amendment, no less, denying an entire segment of our
  population any type of rights to form anything approaching a partnership,
  even the right to assign legal responsibility in the event of incapacity.
  I'm so ashamed - Beth
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