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[Powderworks] Blackfella/Whitefella Tour Question

David Lawrence dlaw2001 at comcast.net
Wed Nov 3 04:34:20 MST 2004


      Could anyone help me track down a copy or two of Strict 
Rules?????  Please, please, please!! One for myself - one for a very 
special Christmas gift...  Thanks for your help!!


At 07:14 AM 10/28/2004, Dan Brunner wrote:
>I finally got a copy of Strict Rules and have a couple
>of questions.
>When the Oils play in Warakurna they play some new
>songs.  Does anyone know which songs these morphed
>into if any?
>Other than the BlackFella/Whitefella documentary, are
>there any other recordings of those shows out there.
>The early ones at least sound very interesting.
>Dan Brunner
>dmanwi at yahoo.com
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