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Kate Parker Adams kate at dnki.net
Tue Nov 2 18:50:05 MST 2004

All I can say, as one of Kerry's Massachusetts constituents, is that while
Kerry may not be my ideal candidate and he may not represent the all the
things I would like him to, I have found his office/organization to be
extremely responsive to constituent concerns.  In fact, I even received a
personally written response from him once (verified through a coworker's
roommate, who is a staffer).

As I get older, I have come to realize that perfect candidates will NEVER
materialize.  Just give me someone who listens - someone I can lobby/hassle,
somebody who realizes a balance between keeping in touch with those he or
she represents and the value in doing the right thing regardless and I will
be a happy little activist.
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  I've never reluctantly held my breath while voting, but I guess there's a
first time for everything. I don't like Kerry at all, but I guess that when
you're drowning, you can't question the life preserver. If everything wasn't
so divided and conquered, I'd vote for a third party. I pray that
everybody's votes get counted fairly and accurately.

  But to formulate opinions
  From what I see, is a joke.
  Because American TV's owned
  by Pepsi and by Coke.
  -Les Claypool

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