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[Powderworks] Just to Start some chatter (LMOC)

Heidi Shenk nedkellytheking at hotmail.com
Sun May 30 17:02:15 MDT 2004

Absolutely!!  Powderfinger's newest album is amazing!  An aussie friend of 
mine that goes to my university brought it back for me at Christmas break 
and it stayed in my cd player for at least a month...maybe longer.  
Anyway...along with Jeff here I highly recommend Powderfinger for any of you 
that are looking for some good music to listen to.


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Subject: Re: [Powderworks] Just to Start some chatter (LMOC)
Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 17:18:48 -1000

without question, the most addictive release of the last 8 months for me is
Vulture Street by the 'finger (Powderfinger)...

absolutely awesome stuff.  check 'em out.

now, on a completely unrelated note, if it's chatter you all want, how
about this.

the most horrible oils thing one could imagine (almost) has happened to me.

i have lost practically ALL my oils CDs (bar a copy of capricornia i had,
and two compilations).

all the studio stuff is gone, including 2 limited releases that i'll never
get again.  i had them in my cd pouch that i take to and from the car, then
i lost them.  how devastating is that???!!!  i've also lost some of my
other best loved cds to.  they've been gone for 2 months now, and i have
been trying to kid myself that they'd just turn up, but after turning the
house upside down now twice, it ain't likely to happen.

in terms of replaceable (though that's unlikely for some) items to lose,
this is by far the worst thing i could have lost.  it's really sad,
especially when i wanted to "christen" my new car with a good oils
recording (like PWAP)

oh well, so it goes.  looks like i'll have to go out and source them all

what other shite things have happened to you all oilywise?


 >Well, something in me decided to give the lastet Indigo Girls release a
 >try. I have not been that happy with the last few IG albums. I Was
 >dissapointed with "Shaming of the Sun", the Last IG album I bought. I
 >heard the "C'mon now Social Album" and did not buy it, although I did
 >like a couple of the songs on it. I have heard almost nothing off the
 >"Become You" album so I cannot comment on it.
 >But this album has 5 or 6 really great songs, 2 or 3 more that are
 >enjoyable, and a couple I could live without. I even spent some time
 >today figuring out some chords that I can use to play "Perfect World".
 >However, I listened to the album today right after listen to some
 >acoustic Oils. And I could klind of Picture the Current "Remainer" Oils
 >covering the last song on the album "Rise Up"  - With Bones or Rob
 >Which led me to think of how great an album filled with acoustic songs
 >on the order of "Spirit of the Age", "Luritja way" would sound with
 >Bones and Rob singing.
 >SO - That leaves 2 Questions...
 >1) What recent releases (last 8 months or less) have you enjoyed.
 >2) What would you like to hear Jim, Rob, Martin and Bones do?
 >It would be wonderful if the boys would Synergistically leverage their
 >talents to improve music corporate shareholder value.
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