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[Powderworks] Just to Start some chatter (LMOC)

Kate Parker Adams kate at dnki.net
Mon May 31 14:43:03 MDT 2004

Regrets ... got 'em!

1.  Didn't get so into the Oils until the early '90s

2.  I had to miss the Mercury Lounge shows in NYC in December, 1997.  I was
far too heavily pregnant to drive for four hours, and I wouldn't be
permitted on any form of public transit (let alone tolerate the heat)

3.  I was too soon out of a nasty health crisis (and overloaded with a
backlog of work) to travel to Maine or Vermont in the spring of '02 to see
those wonderfully intimate gigs.

I'm just very very glad that my boys got their wish to see the Oils live at
the Hatch Shell Earth Day concert.  I still suspect they wished it into
existance, given how jealous they were when my Bowery Ballroom tickets
arrived with "21 years of age and older" on them.

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I got 2nd row seats for the Oils/INXS tour - what year was that?  2000?
Anyway, you know the rest.  I attempted to console myself by thinking:
Well, it wouldn't be the real Oily experience in a venue with seats,
anyway.... - Beth


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