Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Seattle Area Workers.. Could I get a little help?

mbtigger mbtigger at charter.net
Mon May 24 11:45:37 MDT 2004

I live on the east side of the state, and was hoping to get tickets to
see John Hiatt at the Woodland Park Zoo on Sunday July 25th. The
availability of tickets is very limited

The only place tickets to buy tickets are at the PCC Natural market
stores in Freemont, Greenlake, and View Ridge. I have no way to get
Tickets by phone or over the internet. I am sure tickets will sell out
in a few days. The reason I am so keen on this show is that the zoo
setting allows free admission for 12 and under, so I can take my child
with me. 

If anyone travels past any of these stores and could pick up 4 tickets
for me, go ahead and get a fifth ticket for yourself and I will
reimburse you for 5 tickets. 

Now my only worry is what to do if 2 people try and take me up on the
offer. I suppose I will worry about that if It happens