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[Powderworks] NMOC Seattle + bugs

Beth Curran bcurran at columbus.rr.com
Sat May 22 12:12:07 MDT 2004

I'm back from my week in Seattle, where I got to meet Erika & Brian,
C-Ko, and Andy G.  Thanks for the fun night out guys, my armadillo purse
and I can't wait to come back!  My home theatre setup totally sux
compared to Brian's, so that was my first chance to hear Capricornia
DTS, and I hadn't realized they used different vocal tracks in parts of
some of the songs.  Maybe the CD was just overdubbed, but it sounded
different to me.  Oz Workers, look out - we're all going to be on the
same plane when the reunion concerts are announced! 
I returned to find the grass under the trees and every single bush
simply covered with a horde of periodical cicadas, which the USDA warned
us would be very bad this year.  They take 17 years to develop
underground and emerge, and each year they all emerge within about a
5-day period.  One footstep squishes 10 - 20 of them right now, there
are so many in the grass.  I took some pix, if anyone would be
interested in seeing them.  - Beth
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