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[Powderworks] True History of the Kelly Gang

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Hi Tim,
I have the Peter Carey book as my next one to read. Is it a work of Fiction? I didn't realise that. Still should be good. I'll read it as I listen to my copy of the Kelly Gang that's currently winging its way from Oz :-)

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> After my last bitchy post, I felt I need to improve the tone. I just finished Peter Carey's book on the *bus ride* to work this morning. I thought it was pretty good, maybe a 7 on a 1->10 scale. Anyone else read it? Anyone read any of the non-fiction Kelly-related books Carey refers to in his acknowledgments? Anyone wish Ned Kelly was king? 
> --Tim
> P.S. Other works refereneced: "Ned Kelly: A Short Life" -- Ian Jones; "The Kelly Outbreak" -- John McQuilton; "Harry Power: Tutor of Ned Kelly" -- Gary Dean adn Kevin Passey "Ned Kelly, the Authentic Illustrated Story" -- Keith McMenomy
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