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[Powderworks] True History of the Kelly Gang

Jess Clark jess5710 at yahoo.com
Fri May 21 11:36:33 MDT 2004

"Pretty good?"  Whoa, what ELSE have you been reading?
I'll admit to being a Carey fan, but that was one of his best...  Just picked up his latest literary marvel last week, and am slogging through it like a trooper; but I think he's gone a little too far in the snooty direction after proving with 'Kelly' that he can write as poorly as an uneducated bushman.
The book that I went to after reading the "True History" was "Lorna Doone", supposedly the novel that inspired Ned in real life.  

tfrommer at mindspring.com wrote:
After my last bitchy post, I felt I need to improve the tone. I just finished Peter Carey's book on the *bus ride* to work this morning. I thought it was pretty good, maybe a 7 on a 1->10 scale. Anyone else read it? Anyone read any of the non-fiction Kelly-related books Carey refers to in his acknowledgments? Anyone wish Ned Kelly was king? 


P.S. Other works refereneced: "Ned Kelly: A Short Life" -- Ian Jones; "The Kelly Outbreak" -- John McQuilton; "Harry Power: Tutor of Ned Kelly" -- Gary Dean adn Kevin Passey "Ned Kelly, the Authentic Illustrated Story" -- Keith McMenomy
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