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[Powderworks] Best of both worlds DVD

David Lawrence dlaw2001 at cox.net
Wed May 19 08:44:34 MDT 2004


      Any word on the possibility of the NTSC folks getting a taste of this 
DVD???  Waiting patiently...


At 04:33 AM 4/23/2004, Poudouvrier wrote:
>Hi Folks!
>I finally get my copy of the new Oils DVD (thank you Grant).
>Just one word : GREAT!
>The quality of the pictures is fabulous, the 5.1 sound rocks, the audio 
>bonus are perfect...
>It is as if I rediscovered the concerts.
>Again, many thanks to Justin and all the persons involved in the project.
>Great work guys.
>So, Justin, you can now tell us you are already working on the next DVD 
>featuring two shows with Bones, isn't it?
>Personally, I would like to see the full MTV Unplugged session from 93 
>(with an audio CD version) and the show at The Newtown Theatre in Sydney 
>in July 2000.
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