Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] NMOC: Don't buy gas on even numbered Wednesdays unless you have a blue polka dot car

Rhonda kayak at sympatico.ca
Tue May 18 22:38:38 MDT 2004

Which I don't have...

I've seen this go 'round as well...either boycotting a certain day or a 
particular oil company.  The Big Oil Co's are no doubt laughing their 
a$$es off at us and our inability to get off the gas boob. 
 Unfortunately, biking to work is not an option (I wish!!) but do 
heartily subscribe to the arranging-of-the-errands-in-a-circuit plan. 
 Simply procrastinating all errands to another day also has its 
benefits, and is my main life course thus far.  ;-)

Garret H., if you're not too far out of the way, gas prices in Newmarket 
& Aurora seem to be consistently lower than elsewhere, sometimes by a 
good 10-15 cents per litre.  

I'm now thankful as hell to have bought a Honda Civic 2 years ago when 
the Probe GT literally fell to pieces (it wasn't a pretty sight)...the 
Civ's great on gas as long as my kayak and/or roof racks aren't on.

Considering hitchhiking,

Powdie kPa wrote:

> I've seen this "protest" go around time and again.  This one says 
> Wednesday, which is good as I seem to have missed out on the Tuesday 
> one.  There is a Thursday one planned too ... None of it is any real 
> sort of protest because consumption levels in the US have us all by 
> the balls including those of us who do not have them.