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[Powderworks] NMOC: Don't buy gas tomorrow

Hachkowski, Garrett ghachkowski at kpmg.ca
Tue May 18 17:22:58 MDT 2004

In Toronto, Canada I have actually seen $1.01 (the Canadian dollar is
roughly equivalent to the Australian one) but this morning was fortunate
enough to find $0.845 (and filled up 4 x 5 gallon gas cans in addition to my
car for the "home gas station") but the average at the moment is $0.90 or

After doing conversions that would be 

4.5L = 1gal
4.5L x $0.90 = $4.05
$4.05CAD = $2.43US per gallon!!!

...and that is why I normally bike to work and use the car only on the


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How much are you paying at the moment?

I'll bet it's still a lot less than us here in OZ - about $1.05 a litre at
the moment (or approx. $4 a gallon!)


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> hey all -
> I heard today that there will be a nation-wide protest against gas prices
> the US tomorrow, so if you need to buy gas, please do so today or wait
> thursday.  don't know how much good it'll do, but it's worth passing
> thanks,
> Cheryl
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