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[Powderworks] LMOC: Promo of Aussie rules in the US via the Oils

rick rickysan at speedlink.com.au
Tue May 11 20:04:26 MDT 2004

          Jason maybe you could organise for the dallas maggies to come down
and fill in for the collingwood maggies next week!! They need some help....


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> Greetings Powdies,
> >From a long time lurker in the large state of Texas (which would fit into
> home state, WA, about 4 1/2 times....). Just noticed this use of "Back on
> the Borderline" as musical background to the promo video of the Mid
> Australian Football League (amateur league). Check out the "Who wants it
> more in 2004" link on www.midfooty.com site. Who better to promote an
> sport in the US than the Oils (although I would have used "Power and the
> Passion" to edit to instead...)
> cheers and go Dallas Maggies,
> Jason
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