Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] List Activity (or lack thereof)

Tim Hunter tim at refuge.Colorado.EDU
Tue May 11 08:17:07 MDT 2004

Hi folks -- a few have asked me privately if all messages to the list are
currently being moderated.  It would seem that way, though a perusal of the
mailman options doesn't tell me why.  Perhaps it has to do with the move at
some point of the list to cs-lists.cs.colorado.edu (instead of the old

This was posted to powderworks at cs-lists.cs.colorado.edu and got through
without needing my explicit approval.  Let me know (via direct email) if
that doesn't work for you.

Powderworks List Administrator

PS: there's some possibility my first good opportunity to visit to
    Australia might come this summer.  Wouldn't it be nice if I had enough
    warning to make sure my travel synced up with any potential reunion gigs?