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Chris Herni cherni at pipeline.com.au
Wed May 5 22:10:34 MDT 2004

  > in my 6 candidate example, if you (as i do) don't want to see the major
  > parties benefit from your vote, and more-to-the-point don't want them
  > ever to use your vote, you can vote in the following fashion.
  > 1,2,3,4,4,4.

  Just stumbled across this at

  which is what you were talking about I think.


  Langer Style Votes Informal
  1 October 1998

  The Federal Court in Sydney yesterday dismissed an injunction application
  Mr Joseph Bryant in relation to Langer-style voting.

  Recent amendments to the Commonwealth Electoral Act have made a
  vote, that is, a House of Representatives vote marked "1,2,3,3,3,..etc",
  informal, Such votes will no longer be counted by the AEC.

  Mr Albert Langer is claiming that such a vote must be formal by virtue of
  section 268 of the Act (which provides the grounds for informality of
  votes), and that the AEC must count such votes.

  In dismissing the injunction application, with costs against Mr Bryant,
  Justice Wilcox is reported to have said, "It seems to me that the AEC
  on Langer-style voting is correct."

  The written decision of Justice Wilcox is awaited.

  Further Information
  Brien Hallett
  02 62714415