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[Powderworks] More PG stuff & Stupid Yank Questions

Kate Parker Adams kate at dnki.net
Mon May 3 08:09:42 MDT 2004

A stupid yank question.  I keep hearing that the various parties want to run
Pete for specific seats and I can't help but wonder: do you have to
physically reside in a district to be elected as a rep for that area?

In the US there was a great deal of brouhaha when Hillary Clinton bought a
house in New York State as she moved out of the White House and then
successfully ran for senate.  Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney seems to have
forgotten that he was nearly disqualified from his own position on the basis
of having filed tax returns in Utah as a resident the year prior to his
gubinatorial run (he has directed clerks to hold gay marriage participants
to residency laws not enforced since the US Supreme Court wiped out
interracial marriage bans thirty seven years ago).

In any case, would Pete have to list a legal residence in a district he
seeks to represent, or is there a free-agent political market going on in


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> From:  David
> Each political party states their "preference" as to where
> their voter's
> votes should be placed if they do not win the seat in the election.
> For example they say "If we do not have enough votes to win, then our
> preference is to have all the votes given to us, added to Peter's (the
> greens) total.
> (Because that's who "our" (labor) voters would prefer if we (labor)
> don't get elected).

True up to a point, but all the party can do is recommend which way
they'd like their supporters to vote.  They don't mark the ballot paper
for you, you can put your preferences whichever way you want.

Of course, the average person not having a brain can't think about it
for themselves and just picks which PM they'd prefer and does what that
party tells them without knowing anything at all about the actual
candidates in their own electorate.


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