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[Powderworks] More PG stuff

David miata at arach.net.au
Mon May 3 04:07:58 MDT 2004

G'day Beth,

I'm not 100% full bottle, but I'll try and explain this before some
political nerd throws in their 2 cents.

Each political party states their "preference" as to where their voter's
votes should be placed if they do not win the seat in the election.

For example they say "If we do not have enough votes to win, then our
preference is to have all the votes given to us, added to Peter's (the
greens) total.

(Because that's who "our" (labor) voters would prefer if we (labor)
don't get elected).

This is the same system and reason, the best man didn't win our last
aussie election. Some sniveling little scumbag ferret of a man won with
less votes than Big Kim did.

It's a great system until the redneck minority buddy up with the fat
cats to overthrow the blue collar masses.

- let the flames and political nerding begin.