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[Powderworks] My sister gave me the perfect gift

Joakim Lindblad jlind at algonet.se
Tue Mar 30 12:14:44 MST 2004


My little sister Jennifer recently came home to Sweden after a six month stay in Perth, WA. She brought the perfect gift for me, a small boomerang signed by Rob, on which he had also written "For Joakim" and "Oils 2004". She got him to sign it when Rob talked about his book a few weeks ago, the day before Hirst and Greene opened for Ani DiFranco in Perth. She even got a photo of her and Rob posing with Willie's Bar and Grill in hands.

The seminar had been very intresting and she thoght Rob was one of the best to discuss his book (there were four writers in total, all "travel book" writers).
One girl asked Rob about his best concert memory. He said it was playing in South Africa, just six months after the end of apartheid. The Oils were worried that no one would recognise them, since they hadn't released any records in the country, but the audience knew them through bootlegs... and when the oils started playing The dead heart everyone was chanting along. And because the oils were in the home country of drums, Rob was nervous if he would be considered a good enough drummer....hmmm...


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