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[Powderworks] Check out this one (Best of both worlds promo)

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Man, doesn't this item look fishy. It has the Blue Sky Mining 1990 font on the disc and back when Red Sails was made, not many companies were even producing cd singles. I have a Best of Both Worlds vinyl promo that was released, but this sure looks like a fake.
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  Check out this one at ebay,


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  Okay, I know it was the 24th of February, but I have been a bit busy. 
  I left my wife and baby tuned to Goolarri TV at the Seashells Resort and gunned my powerful circa 1988 Laser hire car into life before heading off into the balmy Broome night. In a rare serendipitous event (ie I planned to be in Broome when Sir Robert Hirst was there), I found myself on the NW coast of WA at the same time as the great man's foray into the Perth Festival's widely dispersed calendar of events. Broome libraray was pumping, the 20 empty plastic chairs heavy with anticipation. As the starting time loomed, a few disparate groups wandered in, and eventually a fanfare of two librarians and an offsiider greetedthe great man's arrival. In a fairly casual affair, Rob mingled easily with the gathered throng and quaffed a couple of glasses of good WA white.
  His presentation was very laid back and wide ranging, covering aspects of his childhood, the early days of the band, the tour post 911, and the bands final tour, including Pete's decision to quit the band.

  Notable aspects of his presentation and Q&A session include the folllowing;
  -When questioned about the break-up of the Oils, he made a point of stating that the band didn't break up, rather the lead singer left, making it hard for the rest of them to continue.
  -He has no more idea of Pete's future direction than the rest of us, and whilst they remain in close contact, Pete remains "the consummate politician" and wouldn't divulge his plans to Rob.
  -He is thinking about another book, possible detailing the early years of the band, including the time when their only rehearsal room was the garage of his rented home in Chatswood.
  -Re-union of the Oils, is unfortunately not on the agenda at this time, BUT he can envisage a time when the right opportunity presents itself, for a one-off benefit type gig.
  -When Pete told the other guys that he was leaving, the response was oh, yeah, here he goes again, as Pete made a regular habit of resigning. But when Rob realised that this was for real, inside he felt a great deal of relief, as he had been doing it for so long that he was ready for something else. 
  -The time with the Oils feels so far in the past  that he feels almost as though it was someone else in the band, another lifetime ago. His new bands, projects and challenges are keeping him very busy.

  Overall, he was relaxed, happy, and not yearning for more Oils gigs, songs and passion- hence I felt a little disappointed. The last time I saw him was the Manly Leagues Club gig in November 2002, the Oils were in full flight, and I had taken in probably half a dozen gigs in 3 States that year-it never felt like they would end. I suppose Rob's Broome presentation helped me move to a stage of resignation, or acceptance that the Oils were no more. 
  I stepped outside into the overwhelming heat and humidity of the night, and made the detour for a couple of Emu Bitter cans for the drive home. The car had no tape player, let alone CD, so I serenaded myself with a few choice Oils morsels...
  A thousand dreams it's getting late, a thousand runners standing still, I can smell the sand & sea again....

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