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[Powderworks] NMOC Concerts of Interest - NMA

Lesley Joubert lesley at new.co.za
Mon Mar 29 11:39:50 MST 2004


My first post!

I'll be listening to Justin Sullivan this Thursday -

"Due to popular demand Cape Town will also get a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience Justin Sullivan, front man of NMA playing an acoustic set. Alter Ego has organised for Justin to play one more acoustic show at Mercury Live in Cape Town on April 1st (no joke). Tickets are priced at R100 each, and will be available at the show. You can also get your tickets direct from Alter Ego by emailing us at: info at alter-ego.co.za "

Any other Capetonians out there keen to join? In fact - are there any other Workers in Cape Town?? Drop me a line and let's get together.

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