Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] NMOC Concerts of interest

Varina Crisfield ghostie at snail-mail.net
Sat Mar 27 13:17:35 MST 2004

The Ska is Dead tour! Four bands full of energy, I think it'll be 
There's other promising possibilities too: UK Subs in April, Rant 
Music (Gypsy rock from Victoria) next week....

Of course I'd love to go see New Model Army again (with drums this 
time!) but the travel costs will probably make it too expensive. :( 

Now, last time I said this was when MO did their last US tour and I 
didn't want to travel so I figured I'd wait till they came to 
Montreal, then they never did, then they disbanded! So I am feeling a 
little paranoid about it this time! ;)



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